Michael M Barch

Chairman of the Board & Managing Member

For more than 40 years, Mr. Barch has held senior management positions in various medical corporations representing nearly every facet of healthcare. Most recently, he is serving as Chairman of Heuro Health, a next generation engagement and wellness company. Previously, he served as Chairman of Global Pharmaceutical Sourcing, a pharmaceutical distribution company. For twenty years Mr. Barch served as CEO of The George Washington University Medical Center which at the time included direct responsibility for the hospital, faculty practice, HMO and school of Medicine. Subsequently, Mr. Barch served as Assistant VP, Associate Dean at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Following his appointment at Johns Hopkins, Mr. Barch was named President and CEO of Managed Care Assistance Corporation which developed several physician networks and HMO’s. Mr. Barch subsequently served as CEO of the Public Benefits Corporation of the District of Columbia and as CEO of Columbia Hospital for Women. Mr. Barch currently sits on several high technology healthcare advisory boards. Mr. Barch holds a joint degree in economics and finance from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Magna Cum Laude) and an MHSA from The George Washington University.

Hamid Nowrouzi

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Managing Member

Mr. Nowrouzi spent the first 5 years of his professional career at UUNET Technologies, a software bandwidth resource firm, where he closed key contracts with several high-profile companies (e.g. Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, IBM, American Express and eTrade) and helped set the stage for the company’s acquisition by Worldcom through the relationships and accounts he established. After leaving UUNET, Mr. Nowrouzi launched his own Real Estate investment firm, Metro Investment Group, building a portfolio of properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region. Mr. Nowrouzi joined a digital healthcare company as senior executive and played a critical cross-functional role managing relationships with strategic partners and large company accounts while collaborating with the company’s product team on multiple product rollout initiatives. Additionally, Mr. Nowrouzi has an extensive background in Mergers & Acquisitions of multiple healthcare companies in last 10 years. Currently Mr. Nowrouzi has been assisting various countries in distribution of vaccine and other therapeutical/pharmaceutical products. He has been working directly with different government entities (Presidents, Prime Minister & Minister of Health offices) and vaccine manufacturers (AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna) to close the gap in assisting with distribution of the vaccines. Using his long term, valued relations with Manufacturers and his personal clinics, Mr. Nowrouzi is helping Fortune 500 companies with distribution of Covid testing platforms. Hamid holds a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Maryland and resides in New York City.

Andrew Forrester

SVP International Affairs

Andrew served as EVP of Sales and Marketing and Government Relations at Boca Raton based Outsourceworld starting in 2005. Andrew advanced and expanded his role as President of Outsourceworld with a primary focus on commerce and investment promotion agencies, as well as regional ICT and CRM associations.

Andrew forged relationships in over 30 countries including India, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Barbados, El Salvador, Mexico, Columbia, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

Prior to joining Outsourceworld as VP of Business Development, Andrew worked for Vitts Networks in New Hampshire as VP of Sales for New England, and Qwest Communications where he served as Director of Sales for the Qwest Business Partner Program for the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West regions.