A & A Analyses is a United States company that was quick to see the needs of SARS-CoV-2.

Our founders’ unique expertise in medical field, government and business development enabled us to react quickly and to successfully access antigen and antibody tests and creation of diagnostic center.  This rapid deployment led to inquiries and requests for assistance from all corners of the globe.  It has further led to working partnerships with international organizations.

We believe SARS-CoV-2 appears here to stay.  Countries with high vaccines will discover predictable spikes of CoVID-19. However, countries with lower vaccinations rates will continue with unpredictable epidemics.  This new reality increases the need for increased antigen and antibody testing in addition to vaccines.


A & A Analyses is a global health incubator and transactional company that believes that the future of healthcare will be driven by Big Data, science and by necessity transcend individual countries boarders. Our investments will largely be aimed at helping grow organizations that are developing objective data input capabilities into international big data. Using this data, we will develop genomic groupings of like individuals and develop treatment protocols for each group with the goal, trough time, to evolve to personalized medical protocols. Further, it is our goal to move the science supporting these protocols rapidly from the laboratory bench to the individual internationally.


To increase the quality of healthcare internationally while reducing the cost.



Experienced team to work with government entities in distribution….
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Anti-Viral : Branded & Generic….
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Domestic & International….
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Antigen Rapid Test, Antibody Rapid Test & Testing for flu and other illnesses….
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A & A is currently working on projects to help enhance healthcare….
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